Environmentally Friendly Car Hire in Barbados

At Electric Car Rentals, we specialize in rental cars that are low on air pollution and green-house gas emissions. Eco-friendly cars run on electricity or a combination of electricity and hydrogen-based fuel.

Compare the cost and carbon footprint vs conventional vehicles.  



 Conventional SedanPrius C *
Full tank / charge 50 litres 2 litres + Electric Battery
Island Mileage 1/2 tank per 3 hours/90 km tour or full day of driving ½ litre per per 3 hours/90 km tour or full day of driving
Cost of Island Tour $80.00 $10.00
MPG 30 / 35 53 / 46


Increasingly environmentally-friendly cars are constantly being enhanced and redesigned to require less maintenance than gas-powered vehicles.

So…drive an eco-car and make a statement to everyone. Show that you are concerned about the atmosphere and you are doing your part to save the world, one small island at a time, you responsible inhabitant of the earth, you!


Your Hybrid or Electric Car is ready for rent whenever you are.

*Please note that results may vary depending on driving style and terrain. See video here.